The MOVING GALLERY is a tiny studio with walls, windows and yes "wheels" fitted with original literary, audio, and visual art in celebration of Canada150. In the summer of 2017, the MOVING GALLERY will pop-up at fairs, festivals and farmers markets throughout rural and remote northwestern Ontario.


From the telling of Aboriginal stories to creating a chalkboard wall and displaying original paintings, the MOVING GALLERY creates a distinctive platform that will bring together writers and unsuspecting audiences in a pan-Canadian collaboration. The MOVING GALLERY is a mobile space and takes its cues from the phenomena sweeping across North America with “tiny houses”. The MOVING GALLERY is actually an artist studio on wheels and it will pop-up at festivals, fairs and farmers market throughout northwestern Ontario, providing Canadians in rural and remote areas with opportunities to develop a greater understanding of Canada, its people and what it means to be Canadian in all of its complexities. Through its very design, the literary works and visual arts pieces will be shared with the general public and will recognize and promote exceptional Canadian people, places, achievements and events that have shaped our country.

The MOVING GALLERY will house the stories and artwork in surprising and contemporary ways – from word walls to podcasts on iPods to picture books on a coffee table. The MOVING GALLERY will be purpose-built, fun and interactive and the stories and art that we share will weave their way through our nation’s history, commemorating and celebrating 150 years by exploring the universal theme of water in a singular way that is quintessential NWO and Canada.

Each artist will develop their body of work, around the notion of water and in the larger context, how it ebbs and flows, how it sustains planet Earth, how it informs a geography and a people, and how as Canadians it ties us all together, connecting time, places, and generations.

Primary Creators:

Nicola Cavendish | North Vancouver, British Columbia
Wanda Easton | Sioux Narrows, Ontario
Gerald Laroche | Winnipeg, Manitoba
Kate-Lynn Paypompee | Naotkamegwanning First Nation, Ontario
Ian Ross | Winnipeg, Manitoba
Chrissy Sie-Merritt | East Braintree, Manitoba

Design/ Build Team:

Erik Arnason: Masters Student | Faculty of Architecture | University of Manitoba
Eduardo Aquino | Professor | Faculty of Architecture | University of Manitoba
Shawn Bailey & Shawn Sinclair | Boreal Studio
Mike Salvador | Township of Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls
Randy Roller | FWS Group of Companies
Norbert Dufresne | Councillor
Taras Manzie | Lake of the Woods Brewing Company
Andrew Gilbert | Lake of the Woods Brewing Company

The MOVING GALLERY project is made possible with the support of: Government of Canada, Canada 150 fund | Township of Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls | Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba | Boreal Studio


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