- Permit Applications & By-Laws -

Common building permit application forms are available online at the provincial Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website by clicking here.

You can also pick one up at the Township of Sioux Narrows – Nestor Falls Municipal Office.

Building By-Law

View the Township of Sioux Narrows – Nestor Falls’ Building By-Law.  For questions respecting this by-law, please contact the Township office and ask how to get in touch with the CBO/Building Inspector.


Fees are due when an application is approved by the CBO/Building Inspector.

Demolition Permits

You need to obtain a demolition permit to relocate or demolish an existing building or structure. Note that certain building types and interior partitions do not require a demolition permit.

Required Inspections:

Inspections are required to determine whether the project has been constructed in compliance with the Ontario Building Code. A document detailing the required inspection stages will be provided when you receive the permit. When your project reaches an inspection stage, you are required to contact the building inspector identified on your permit to schedule the inspection. Inspection requests require a minimum of 48 hours notice, commencing the day after notification is received and does not include weekends, holidays or any day the Township business office is closed. Failure to give notice for inspection of each construction stage for which advanced notice is required under the Building Code shall be grounds for issuance of an order to uncover or Engineer’s report at the expense of the permit holder.

Refer to Building Inspections for additional information and a complete list of requirements. Other inspections may also be required depending upon the nature of the work completed.

Septic Permits

The Northwestern Health Unit (NWHU) co-ordinates the review and approval of any septic system installed, altered or repaired, anywhere in Northwestern Ontario. A review of existing septic systems by the Northwestern Health Unit for any additions larger than 15% of the existing area or the addition of plumbing fixtures is required and approval of same must be obtained in writing. Information packages that include the required application forms are available from any NWHU office location. Or contact 807-468-3147 for residents in the Sioux Narrows area and north and 807-274-9827 for residents in the Nestor Falls area and South.

Electrical Permits & Inspections

For all wiring, with or without hydro, contact the Electrical Safety Authority at 1-877-372-7233. For new electrical service to a property, contact Hydro One at 1-888-664-9376.

Shore Land Work Permits

For any work to shore lands, including crib docks, retaining walls, beaches, etc., contact the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) Offices nearest to you. MNR may require you to complete a Work Permit Application. DFO may require you to complete a DFO Notice of Project. For MNR, contact 807-468-2501 for residents in the Sioux Narrows area and north and 807-274-5337 for residents in the Nestor Falls area and South. For DFO, contact 807-468-6441 for residents in both Sioux Narrows and Nestor Falls.

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