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June 20th, 2024

The Township of Sioux Narrows – Nestor Falls is seeking proposals for the surface treatment of roads located in the Sioux Narrows area. Proposal should include all necessary materials, equipment and labour for the application of surface treatment to current secondary road standards, including Class 2 aggregate and the necessary grade work.  Click here for more details.

Technical questions, please contact [email protected] Attention: Mike Salvador, Maintenance Supervisor.

To submit a proposal of the service and/or solution that you are able to provide (by mail, email, fax or drop off to the Municipal Office) no later than 4:00 pm, July 12th, 2024, to:

Township of Sioux Narrows – Nestor Falls
P.O. Box 417, Sioux Narrows, Ontario, P0X 1N0
807-226-5241 Phone, 807-226-5712 Fax, [email protected]


May 23rd, 2024

Notice of Sale of Surplus Items by Bid

Bids are invited and will be received for the following items that have been declared surplus by Council:

1. 1998 Fire Truck, Engine Make/Model 429-V4 Lima, Pump Make/Model Darley LDM, Single Cab, Bench Seat Style, Current kms 299,901, 5 Compartments on each side, 1 rear Compartment, 4-2/5” Discharges, 1-4” Storz Discharge, 1-Monitor Discharge, 2-Preconnect Hose Beds, 3-Section Supply Hose Bends. Minimum bid $15,000.00.

2. Metal Swing Set adjacent to Sioux Narrows Municipal Office/Fire Hall. Unit is currently installed with cement. Removal by bidder preferred, under supervision of the Municipal Maintenance Supervisor or designate, leaving minimal to no site damage after removal. If bidder cannot remove, indicate in bid. No minimum bid. Preference will be given to highest bid offer that includes self-removal, confirming no/minimal damage to site after removal in writing.

Both above are on an “as is, where is” basis. Truck may be seen by contacting the Fire Chief at 807-464-1293 or [email protected] and any answers shall be directed to the Fire Chief. The swing may be seen adjacent to the Sioux Narrows Municipal Office/Fire Hall (5521 Highway 71).

Separate bids are required for each item and bidder must indicate on outside of envelope if bid is for the “Fire Truck” or the “Swing Set”.

Bid(s) must be sealed and must include price (please note that HST in addition to the bid offer price is applicable), bidder’s name, address and contact information (email address and telephone number), and must be signed by the bidder.

It is the bidder’s responsibility to make arrangements to view the item(s) and obtain further information. Sealed bids must be forwarded or delivered no later than 4:00 p.m., June 28th, 2024, to:

The Township of Sioux Narrows – Nestor Falls
P.O. Box 417
5521 Highway 71 Sioux Narrows, Ontario P0X 1N0

The Township of Sioux Narrows – Nestor Falls is under no obligation to accept any or all bids. The Township of Sioux Narrows – Nestor Falls has sole and unfettered discretion in the acceptance, review, evaluation and selection of any and all bids or proposals received.


May 17th, 2024

The Township of Sioux Narrows – Nestor Falls is seeking one volunteer member-at-large for the Police Services Board.

The Police Services Board oversees and advises on policing for the Township of Sioux Narrows – Nestor Falls. If you are a resident interested in serving as municipal representative on the Police Serices Board; term will be concurrent with the current term of Council.

Eligibility for appointment is:

– Canadian Citizen
– Minimum 18 Years of Age
– Eligible Sioux Narrows – Nestor Falls Elector
– Is not employed by the municipality

If you are interested in submitting your name, the application form is available here.  Deadline is Friday, June 21st, 2024, at 4:00 p.m.

Submit form to:

The Township of Sioux Narrows – Nestor Falls
807-226-5241 Ph.
[email protected] Email


April 2nd, 2024

The Council of the Township of Sioux Narrows – Nestor Falls adopted the Sioux Narrows – Nestor Falls Integrity Commissioner Report dated March 17th, 2024, by resolution 29-24, on April 2nd, 2024.  The report can be found by clicking here.


February 8th, 2024

Municipal Short-Term Rental Policy Change

Over the past 5 years, there has been a growing trend in the use of online booking services such as Air B&B and Vacation Rental by Owner (VRBO) for residential homeowners to rent out their homes on a short-term basis for the purpose of generating income. These are commonly known as Short Term Rentals, or STRS. The emergence of STRS as income properties is widespread, both internationally and in Canada and the United States.

However, while generating income for the owner, many of these rental properties have a negative impact on neighbourhoods and communities – they also generate land use conflicts in residential areas, and tend to create shortages in affordable housing as investors purchase modestly prices homes as commercial rental properties.

Additionally, STR’s deplete the limited housing stock available in community as properties are being purchased for income making it challenging for new and existing residents to find housing in our community. The lack of available housing in the community can contribute to stagnation within our economy and is something we hope to mitigate in our community.

The Township of Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls has not been immune to this trend, as many cottage owners have seen this as an opportunity to generate some additional income from their cottage when not in use. Further, many potential purchasers are now using this as a business model to assist in the financing of a new cottage purchase.

The Township has been attempting the manage STRS though the zoning by-law over the past several years. As a result, it has become clear that a more precise land use policy would be helpful to Council in making land use decisions on STRS. Planning staff have been directed to prepare a new policy in the Official Plan that will assist Council making decisions on the approval of future STRS, taking into consideration potential disruptions in residential neighbourhoods, the health and safety of the public and the impact on affordable housing in the community.

There were two public open houses, May 2nd, 2023, and June 6th, 2023, and a Statutory Public Meeting was held July 4th, 2023, to review and comment on the proposed amendment to the Official Plan.  Council considered the related by-laws at their regular meeting August 1st, 2023 and finally passed the by-laws at their regular meeting September 5th, 2023.  The matter was appealed to the Ontario Land Tribunal, however as of February 8th, 2024, the Appeal was withdrawn, the matter was closed and the amendments passed September 5th, 2023, are in force.

The amendments have passed and are now in force.  For more information, please contact the Planning Department at the Township of Sioux Narrows – Nestor Falls at 807-226-5241.


February 6th, 2024

The Municipal Council of the Township of Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls has closed the open RFP for the Pioneer Park property.  They have received a proposal from Ayrie Development which they will begin reviewing.

The Township remains open to receiving RFPs for Lot 2.  Detailed information on this RFP can be found here: Lot 2 RFP

This is an open and on-going RFP. Proposals from qualified housing developers will be accepted until council deems the process closed.

For further information please contact: Heather Gropp, Community Development Officer [email protected]


November 8th, 2023

Dear Community Members:

Re: Updates from the Sioux Narrows Nursing Station

On behalf of Municipal Council and our Clinic Physicians, we would like to take this opportunity to give a few updates and friendly reminders regarding Nursing Station services and policies.

Please note that the Sioux Narrows Nursing Station is NOT a family medical practice, walk-in clinic, nor urgent care clinic. It is not able to perform diagnostic testing or imaging on site. Under the terms of Ontario’s Underserviced Area Program funding, the mandate of the community clinic is to make medical care available for residents of Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls who do not have a primary care provider (e.g., are not yet rostered to a doctor).

The community clinic provides two, 3-hour (maximum) Physician Clinics per week attended by Dr. Rowena Lass and Dr. Kerry Anderson. Caitlin Campbell, RN, also holds regular nursing clinic days. Dawn Madden is the friendly voice on the phone and face at reception who also carries out many other administrative duties at the clinic.

This is not a walk-in clinic. Appointments MUST BE scheduled by phone ahead of time by calling 807-226-1081. The clinic is not open or staffed every day, so if you are unable to reach Dawn, please use the clinic phone number to call back during clinic hours. Please do not leave appointment requests on the voice messaging system. People with urgent or emergent medical concerns should contact 911 or attend the closest emergency department.

In recent years, there has been an increase in clients without access to a family doctor or nurse at any other clinic. To continue to accommodate those most in need and without alternative access to primary care, as of December 1, 2023, we will no longer be able to see those who have (are rostered to) a family doctor or nurse practitioner in another community (eg. Kenora, Emo, Fort Frances or Winnipeg). Please contact your own primary care provider for all future appointments.

Services remain available to those without a primary care provider, and we suggest registering with Health Care Connect at: 1-800-445-1822 or https://hcc3.hcc.moh.gov.on.ca/HCCWeb/faces/layoutHCCHomePage.xhtml

Nursing Station hours, when available at the time of publishing, are posted in the monthly newsletter, as well as on our voice mail. When dates do change, we make all reasonable attempts to post these changes. We ask that people DO NOT contact clinic staff outside of office hours, or on their private/personal phone numbers or social media to request an appointment. This applies to everyone. We have directed our staff not to respond to messages of this nature.

We are happy to have these health services available locally and provide the above information to help guide appropriate use of the services. Only in this way can our medical staff best serve client needs and sustain services into the future.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Gale Black, Mayor

Kerry Anderson, BSc, MD, CCFP

Rowena Lass, MB, ChB


The Township of Sioux Narrows – Nestor Falls intends to participate in one or more procurements conducted by Local Authority Services (LAS) between between January 1, 2024 and December 31, 2024. For further information and access to LAS request for proposal (RFP) notices, please review the website at www.las.on.ca.

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