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Your Elected Municipal Representatives

  • Mayor – Jerry O’Leary
  • Councillor – Gale Black
  • Councillor – Norbert Dufresne
  • Councillor – Suzanne Bouvier
  • Councillor – Phil Hudson

2014 – 2018 Council Portfolios & Staff/Reporting Structure

2014 Municipal Election Results

2014 Municipal Election Results

The newly elected council term of office is December 2014 to November 2018.During the municipal election held Monday, October 27th, 2014, for the offices listed below, the certified candidates received the votes that follow their respective names:

Wayne HeliarMayor116NO
Chan MotlongMayor87NO
Jerry O’LearyMayor314YES
Gale BlackCouncillor at Large303YES
Norbert DufresneCouncillor at Large237YES
Christopher FrenetteCouncillor at Large139NO
Tony GillCouncillor at Large180NO
Lauri MayerCouncillor at Large92NO
Suzanne HrynczukCouncillor Ward 1164YES
Lou KabelCouncillor Ward 1160NO


Certifed Candidate AcclaimedOffice
Phil HudsonCouncillor Ward 2

Percentage voter turnout: 49.53% (527 of 1,064 Electors Voted)

Message from the Mayor

Message from the Mayor

Thank you for visiting our "new and improved" municipal website. Take the time to browse and become acquainted with what the lake life has to offer. It is relatively easy to navigate. Keep clicking.

Many people work together to build and strengthen our municipality. The global economic downturn has tested our resolve but also has strengthened it.  Our staff are the very best you can hope to work with. Council is made up of long-time residents (not that we are all old) who strive to enhance quality of life for all by making efficient use of available resources. We have very active recreational committees who are constantly providing opportunities for family activities, especially during the cold winter months. When summer arrives, we are blessed with a large contingent of summer residents who, through impact volunteering, do much to bring life to our municipality. I cannot describe the spirit of our fair municipality. You will have to determine that for yourself when you come and visit us. You might even want to stay.

Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls is a comfortable destination for all ages. We enjoy a quaint lifestyle in a pristine environment. My ultimate goal is to ensure that Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls remains a great place to live, to raise a family and to visit. I am proud of our municipality. Come visit us and find out why. It is God’s creation.

Have a blessed day,

Mayor Jerry O’Leary

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