- Municipal Staff -

The following are annually employed (both full and part-time) Municipal Staff.

Chief Administrative Officer Wanda Kabel
Municipal Treasurer Maureen Hanson
Administrative Assistant Roxanne McCabe
Director of Planning Jeff Port
Community Development Officer Heather Gropp
Maintenance Supervisor Mike Salvador
Assistant Maintenance Supervisor Mike Kakeeway
Maintenance Assistant Al Grimm
Cultural and Social Media Coordinator Denise Lysak
CBO/Building Inspector Cullen Robb
Nursing Station Clerk Dawn Madden
Chief of Fire and Rescue Services Mike Kakeeway
Deputy Chief, Station 1, Fire/Rescue Service Richard Mathieu
Deputy Chief, Station 2, Fire/Rescue Service Harvey Cottam
White Moose Golf Course Manager Kevin Motlong
Cleaning Larry Ducharme
Cleaning Debbie Rydberg
Maintenance Assistant Andrew Letander
Nestor Falls Information Centre Coordinator & Municipal Office/Library Personnel Judy Holden
Sioux Narrows Information/Sportfishing Centre Coordinator Linda Bowles
Librarian Alice Motlong


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