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Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls
Trail Conditions update:

Update Through October 16th, 2023
Please don’t drive motorized vehicles on the hiking trails

The use of motorized vehicles on trails can lead to the formation of ruts and potholes, which pose tripping hazards. Additionally, the constant compression of tires creates channels that can cause water to drain on that path, leading to erosion and pooling. We appreciate your understanding in helping to preserve natural drainage and keep trails safe and fun for everyone.

If you see any downed trees on the trail, please notify trail maintenance by emailing [email protected] or call 807-226-5241 Ext 210 and we will clear it up for you.  

 Mosquitoes: Nearly Gone
Ticks: Out of season
Gnats: Out of season

Now is a wonderful time to hit the trails! The leaves are changing colors and the pesky mosquitoes and other insects are disappearing due to the colder weather. However, you may still encounter some flying bugs near water sources or on warmer days. While most of the trails are dry, there are some spots with soft mud. Even up to 48 hours after rainfall, there may still be damp areas. To ensure a pleasant experience, we suggest assessing the items you may need to protect yourself from the environment including bug spray, boots, long pants, sunscreen, long sleeves, clothing for cold, warm, or rainy weather, a cell phone, and a whistle.

Helpful Links:
Sioux Narrows Air Quality Index

Nestor Falls Air Quality Index

Sioux Narrows Weather

Nestor Falls Weather


Watch the weather this week! Fall rainstorms may cause hazards on the trail. Please don’t be on the trails during a storm, if you get hurt and need medical assistance, fallen trees, and other unknown hazards may delay emergency response. Stay Safe! and if you need help on the trails, please call 911 and we will get you out.

*Aspen There are some areas that have been marked as needing maintenance due to constant pooling and retaining water. We have temporary puncheon crossings over those locations. They will be getting full attention throughout the fall as soon as we are able.
– Trail is Clear

*Fern Valley The northern section by the SN park has a puncheon crossing over a heavily muddy area, there will be a turnpike built there this year. Many trail sections are used and need some light maintenance- expect improvements fall!
– Trail is Clear
– Turnpike is 80% Complete (close to Sioux Narrows park entrance)

*Red Pine Trails are clear and well-shaded. The long 2k bottom section’s west side was highly flooded and impassable on the west side but is more clear now, but have reports of downed bushes and shrubs on that section. We are currently making a plan for drainage or crossings.
– Trail is Clear
– Maintenance workers are currently there, working on the new bike trail! (Updates coming soon!)

*Boreal continues to some patches of mud and pooling water, especially on the long loop end closest to the trailhead. There are currently some maintenance plans to re-route and/or bridge over trouble areas with a trail turnpike.
– Trail is Clear
– Maintenance is scheduled to create a puncheon along with other trail improvements in October and November.
(Trail will be fully open during maintenance)

Read Below for trail information, descriptions, directions, and more.


There are many hiking trails within the Township for you to enjoy. Here is a list of each trail, description, and directions.

Sioux Narrows:

 Aspen Trail:
(4k-Single loop) This is a simple forest trail used all year with a couple moderate grade hills. Location: North of Sioux Narrows, turn down Dubois Rd, then drive 1km until you see the trailhead and free parking area on the left. Click here for directions



Fern Valley:
(4k-Multiple entrances) This is the only trail that runs through Sioux Narrows Provincial Park. Parking is free at the Aspen trailhead, and Fern Valley has an entrance visible across the road. Other entrances include the main park entrance, and the beach in the park. As an option, you could get a day pass to park a vehicle within the park, go hiking, enjoy the beach, have a picnic, then get a cool treat at the guardhouse on your way to another adventure! Click here for directions



New Trail coming to Sioux Narrows in 2023! Keep watching for news and updates!



Nestor Falls:

Boreal Trail:
(7k-Short/long loop) This majestic hike starts off easy then has lots of ups and downs for the adventurous hiker. Between the beautiful views, you will find peace at the various sitting areas. The short loop is a little easier, but still has moderate hills. The long loop is difficult for its varying terrain, grade of hills, and distance. Don’t let the rating scare you! The views are worth it all. Located south of Nestor Falls at the information center. Click here for directions


Red Pine:
(6k-Maze style w/long loop) This trail has easy sections at the beginning, and difficult areas with hills around the perimeter. This trail is very unique for its maze like qualities and gentle hills making for an easier trail, but if you want a more difficult hike with length and grade, its there for you along the perimeter. Located down Airport Rd, drive 0.5k and you will see the sign on the right. Click here for directions

Caliper Park Nature Trail:

Double loop (Park and Trail closed due to downed trees)



Are you looking for up to date conditions, trail news and updates, elevation maps, weather, or a GPS trail guide?

We invite you to try a new trail experience using your smartphone! Open your smartphone’s camera app, and hover over this “QR Code” image until it comes into focus, then a bubble or notification should pop up automatically. Touch that bubble or notification to visit our new resource for hikers like you! We update this resource regularly (Even in winter!) so you can plan your adventure before you go, and enjoy your outdoor adventure even more.

We will be installing QR Codes like this one at trailheads for hikers if they would like access to all the above mentioned tools.

Do you want to contact us regarding the trails? you can send photos or inform us of issues by scanning the QR code here and navigating to the “Contact us” Button. Alternatively if you want to contact us, or submit photos you can simply Click Here for the desktop version

Happy Trails!

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